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The Ghosts Of Perception

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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Originating from the Asheboro/Greensboro, NC area, The Ghosts of Perception is a progressive rock band that combines Rock/Metal with Cinematic/Orchestral Sounds. They refer to their style as Cinematic Prog, a term coined by their drummer. The band was formed by Mike and Robin, the founders, who drew inspiration from bands like Queensyrche, Fate’s Warning, Dream Theatre, Rush, Kansas, Yes, Pink Floyd, Opeth, and others. They later found drummer Keena, whose hip-hop and Nu-Metal influences combined with jazz and progressive styles further developed their sound. Robin eventually left due to personal reasons, causing a setback, but not affecting their relationship. Mike and Keena continued to write to gain recognition.

Our music is a reflection of who we are as people and what we believe in. We don't shy away from difficult topics or sugarcoat our feelings. We pour everything we have into our lyrics and melodies, and we're always experimenting with new sounds to keep things interesting. We take our art seriously, and we believe that's what sets us apart from other bands. When we started The Ghosts of Perception, our goal was to create something fresh and authentic that would resonate with people. We put our hearts and souls into our music, and we're thrilled that it has touched so many lives. Every time we perform, we feel the energy and love coming from the audience, and it inspires us to keep pushing ourselves even harder.

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Let Our Music Take You On a Journey

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Elevate Your Ears with Sonic Artistry

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